We have all witnessed some pretty unbelievable aggression on New Jersey roads, but is the Garden State the state with the most aggressive drivers in America?

The simple answer, according to a recent study is no, but as you probably suspected, we are among the most aggressive driving states. Here's the good news, we're not in the top five.

Here's the bad news. We are in the top six. So, according to GasBuddy, New Jersey ranks as the state with the sixth most aggressive drivers in America. Surprised? Well, you're not alone. Most New Jersey drivers we asked guessed we were in the top two.

It's a ranking that is better than expected by most New Jersey drivers, but it certainly doesn't warrant a congratulations. Being home to the sixth most aggressive drivers in America is not exactly an honor.

Which states have more aggressive drivers than we have? Here they are (from 5 to 1)... North Carolina, Texas, Georgia, Connecticut and California.  So, if you can't stand driving in the Garden State, then those are definitely places to avoid.

The rankings were compiled by GasBuddy after reviewing 'tens of millions of trips in the 50 states from December 2017 - March 2018  noting the frequency of an aggressive event while driving, whether it be speeding, hard braking or accelerating", according to the website.

I guess we can take some consolation at not being the most aggressive driving state, but this is another one of those lists we'd love to be at the bottom of.

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