As if the news that the legendary Circus Drive-In was up for sale wasn't shocking enough, Wall Patch is now reporting on a controversial offer.


Wien Real Estate, the company handling the sale of the property says PETA is interested in turning the landmark into "a vegan restaurant and empathy museum focusing on animals who suffer when exploited for entertainment in circuses."

In a letter from PETA president Ingrid Newkirk to Gerald Norkus of Wien Real Estate, she went into graphic detail about PETA's vision for the land. The "exhibit" portion of the proposed museum would include "videos of elephants and tigers being beaten and electrocuted, the display of a bullhook, a weapon used by circus trainers to beat elephants into submission and a disconnected electric prod used to shock animals, which visitors could view and touch in order to gain a better understanding of the pain that the animals experience," the letter said.

PETA would also like to include "a real circus boxcar used to transport animals for 50 weeks a year with some model feces to represent what they're forced to stand in."

The vegan snack shop would feature "animal crackers that don't feature caged tigers or other captive animals."

Norkus of Wien Real Estate says there is a lot of interest in the Circus Drive-In property, and PETA's plans are "unlikely."

See the letter from PETA, here.

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[source: Wall Patch]

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