Does it make you a cannibal if you bite someone’s nose off?  To be fair, he didn’t swallow so maybe it depends on who you ask.  However, the irony is incredible and late-night hosts must be having a field day.  It can't be a good career move for the COO of Beyond Meat to sink his teeth into somebody’s schnoz during a road rage incident but it happened.

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Operating chief Doug Ramsey is officially suspended after he was arrested for allegedly punching someone out and then biting the tip of his nose off. While they are ironing all this out, the company’s Senior Vice President of Manufacturing Operations, Jonathan Nelson will take over.  

This is pretty serious for Ramsey who was charged with terroristic threats and third-degree battery. I wonder if Mike Tyson has any advice for this guy. 

Ramsey allegedly punched through the back windshield of a Subaru to retaliate after the other driver bumped into the front tire of his car.  Then Ramsey allegedly started punching the other driver's face and then bit his nose, ripping the tip of it off. Witnesses also allegedly say they heard Ramsey scream that he will kill him.

Beyond Meat has been struggling as a company, the stock has fallen 75% this year and this controversy will not help. Ramsey was supposed to help the company partner with mega food giants like McDonalds and Taco Bell to add meatless options but that won’t be happening anytime soon.

Here's the report:

This is such bad behavior and if you are a COO of a company you are a public figure right? With great privilege comes great responsibility and I can't imagine they will look the other way on this one. We'll keep you posted. Here are some celebrity run-ins with the law you may have forgotten about.

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