Are there any roads left at or near the Jersey Shore where you can just take a nice leisurely drive?

We live in the world capital of congestion, construction, traffic, bad driving and too may cars for too few roads, so every trip in the car seems to be a challenge from the driveway to the destination, so the answer in many instances is no.

Liz and I were talking this morning about the term 'rush hour', and just how silly it is, since there is barely an hour in the day where a ton of people are 'rush'ing. and the traffic is never ending, day and night.

So, is there still a place in our little corner of the world where you could just hop in the car and take a little cruise? You know a nice little relaxing ride where you could just enjoy driving a little bit.

I know we're going to get a lot of county roads and that's fine, but what about all the roads I have to get on to get to those roads? You see what I mean. This is a tougher question that it appears initially.

Anyway, the bottom line is that driving at the Jersey Shore has never been tougher or more infuriating, and I don't see how it's going to get better anytime soon. So, if you have any suggestions let us know.

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