We all know there are plenty of New Jersey roads you should try to never drive on, but is there a 'must drive' road in the Garden State?

Well, according to one publication, there is, but you'll have to do a little traveling on less desirable roads to get there from the Jersey Shore. So, what is the road that Stacker considers a 'must drive' road in New Jersey?

We know it's not the turnpike, and the thought of Route 35 or 36, or Route 9 never really crosses our minds. Maybe it's the Parkway? There are some pretty spots on the GSP, right?

Spoiler alert. It's not the Parkway or any of those other roads mentioned. It's not a Jersey Shore road at all. It's actually the Palisades Parkway. Yep, the Palisades Interstate Parkway.

The ironic thing here is that the New Jersey stretch of the Palisades is only about 11 miles.  Imagine that. All the miles of roadways in New Jersey, and only 11 miles of them are 'must drive'.

There is no doubting the incredible views on that stretch of roadway, but remember this New Jersey tidbit we take away from this report. . Of all the thousands and thousands of miles of roadway in the Garden State, there are 11 that it's suggested you'll enjoy driving on.

That's about right.

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