Could it be possible that one of the worst tippers in all of Hollywood is a superstar that comes from right here at the Jersey Shore?

Say it ain't so. Please tell me that among the worst tippers in all of Hollywood, a Jersey Shore super celebrity is not among them. Well, it turns out the rumors may be true, and you won't believe who it is.

It seems that not one, but several publications have claimed that Point Pleasant's own Kirsten Dunst is among the worst tippers in all of Hollywood. Here are just some examples of what we mean.

The publication Showbiz Cheat Sheet lists Kirsten as the 5th worst tipper, and that's a top 5 list you don't want to be included in.

Business Insider says that one time, a restaurant comped her meal, and she left a tip of exactly $0.

When The Richest came up with their list of worst tippers, there, at #7 was, you guessed it, Kirsten Dunst.

And the list goes on and on. The Clever ranks Kirsten as the 15th worst tipper in Hollywood, saying she was even banned from one establishment for never leaving a tip.

Kirsten also makes Ranker's list of the 17 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Bad Tippers, although the server who took care of her did she she may not have been well at the time of the service.

I think we can stop there. You might say where there's smoke there's fire, and there certainly seems to be plenty of smoke here. But I choose to believe that this might be the product of some tabloid offering a story that may or may not be true and then some websites running with it.

I choose to think that a cinema superstar born in Point Pleasant, if given a fair shake, would not make any of these lists. And we want to hear from some locals who have come across Kirsten in their lives to tell some good stories and set the record straight.

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