I didn't think any movie had a chance to beat The Hunger Games this week, and I was almost wrong. The Hunger Games streak at number one almost came to an end this weekend, and it was The Three Stooges that almost dethroned it. The Hunger Games did manage to make it four weeks in a row, grabbing $21.5 million and lifting it's total to $337.1 million dollars.

That total has now put The Hunger Games into the top 25 all time. So, how close did The Three Stooges get? Not terribly close. The Three Stooges pulled in $17.1 million and the horror flick Cabin In The Woods rounded out the top three with $14.9 million.

Mega Movies Stadium 13 at the Brunswick Square Mall on Route 18 in East Brunswick is gearing up for another big weekend this coming weekend. If The Hunger Games streak continues, it will have to contend with the love story The Lucky One, from the author of The Notebook , Disneynature's The Chimpanzee and the comedy, Think Like a Man.

I think this week is the one that sees The Hunger Games dropping out of the top spot, and it'll be The Lucky One that does it.  Get more details on these movies and all the awesome things going on at Mega Movies Stadium 13 at gomegamovies.com.

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