Full disclosure: I could not care less who you vote for today. I don't care if you choose every candidate that I vote against. I do, however, care that you learn about the candidates, and you exercise that right to vote.

We all get jaded and cynical about elections. We believe our voice doesn't matter, that the candidates are all terrible, or that one vote doesn't make a difference.

Your singular vote may not be the one that pushes one candidate to victory, but your apathy is something that affects us all. If you think there isn't a popular party candidate worth voting for, then find an independent candidate who suits your ideals.

People fought and died for our right to vote. People across the globe live in oppression because they don't have the ability to choose their leaders.

Be grateful for your rights. Get some impartial info from the NJ State Division of Elections. And please, make sure you vote today.

Have you voted yet?

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