So today is Friday the 13th as we all know, but according to the National Day Calendar, it’s also National French Fry Day! How do you like your fries? What style fries do you like? What restaurant has the BEST FRENCH FRIES? I have my reservations about fries. They are one of my favorite go-to junk foods! So here is my list of my Top 3 Favorite Fries from my Favorite Places.

#1 – The Windmill – They have my all time favorite crinkle style fries! Perfectly golden and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Add cheese and here is where things get crazy…add a small amount of both ketchup and mustard…yes, I said mustard…grab a fork and dig in!! Super Delish!!!

#2 – Wendy’s - They have the natural cut fries, that when they are freshly made, they are super tasty right out of the bag!

#3 – Mc Donald’s – Shoes strings. Love them!! Sometimes crispy and sometimes soggy. Either way, they are one of my favorite fries!!

 So, what is your favorite French Fry Topping?

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