K-pop boy group TREASURE has launched their very own reality dating show featuring the members themselves.

Shining Solo premiered on SBS on Saturday (March 2) to the delight of fans. The show features four women (a model and three actresses) as dating prospects for the boy group.

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Per Koreaboo, the show is a Single's Inferno-style dating show in which the women meet the group in a house and get to know them. After four days, each woman gives a jewel to the member she thinks is the most charming.

Korean dating show Single's Inferno features young singles stranded on a deserted island as they find romance.

Similarly, SBS called TREASURE's dating variety show a "romantic survival" program, according to Soompi.

The outlet also reported that rapper and group leader Choi Hyun-Suk quipped in a teaser trailer for the show, "Encountering women outside of work is rare for us."

Fans had mixed reactions to the show, with some praising the group for being the first 4th-gen K-pop idol group to participate in such a project, while others were concerned with what kind of image the show might create for the boys.

On Reddit, one fan expressed that they think the dating show is a smart move for the group.

"[To be honest] when I heard about it I was confused why a big company [like] YG would make [their] idols do a dating show but when I watched it today I realized that Korean dating shows are really popular nowadays. After watching it I'm suddenly interested in Treasure to find out more about the members and [it] gives something new. I think Treasure['s] popularity is gonna go up from here," the fan wrote.

On the other hand, one person replied to the Reddit post and shared a different point of view.

"It all boils down to how deep their parasocial connection runs within the fandom. Sure, they might become the talk of the town for a bit, but they could also end up losing their die-hard supporters," they said.

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