✅ A Volkswagen was overturned on Route 195 early Monday morning

✅ A Good Samaritan's car was stolen when he stopped to help

✅ The overturned VW turned out to be stolen

JACKSON — No good deed goes unpunished.

The vehicle of a man who stopped to help an overturned vehicle on Route 195 early Wednesday morning was stolen by the people he wanted to help.

State police Sgt. Charles Marchan said a Volkswagen with two people overturned in the shoulder along the eastbound side near Exit 21 (Route 527) around 3:15 a.m.

When the good Samaritan parked and got out to help, the two got into the driver's vehicle and drove off leaving him standing along the highway in the dark.

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Map shows Exit 21 on Route 195 in Jackson
Map shows Exit 21 on Route 195 in Jackson (Canva)

Stolen car located

Marchan did not disclose if a weapon was used.

The victim's vehicle was later found unoccupied in Galloway. Marchan said the VW had been stolen from Freehold.

The Lakewood Scoop was first to report on the theft.

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