💧Many were flooded out of their homes by the heavy rain

💧Surfers took to extremely high waves at the Jersey Shore

💧New benchmark for memorable surfing in New Jersey

Flood waters in North Jersey have started to subside three days after heavy rain fell, soaking parts of New Jersey with over five inches of water, wind and amazing surf.

Little Falls residents are waiting for flood waters from the Passaic River to recede further before they are able to return home, according to Little Falls police. The river was at flood stage in Little Falls as of noon Thursday and will continue to lower, according to the National Weather Service. A Flood Warning is in effect until further notice.

Route 46 eastbound in Wayne near Route 80 reopened Thursday morning but a section of Route 202 in Lincoln Park was still closed along with Route 20 in Paterson.

Evacuations from threatened homes

Firefighters worked Wednesday to rescue people trapped in their apartments in Paterson, according to CBS New York. Schools in the city have been closed since Monday due to the flooding, and are expected to remain closed for the rest of the week.

Large waves in Bradley Beach
Large waves in Bradley Beach (Bud McCormick)

Memorable waves at the Jersey Shore

The rain from earlier in the week brought huge waves to the Jersey Shore captured on video that went viral.

Pro surfing celebrity Rob Kelly told Surfline.com the waves were the "biggest, heaviest waves" he had ever seen on the Jersey Shore describing them as "mutants" that made for a memorable day.

Summertime Surftime's Mark Gilmartin told Surfline the waves may have set a new benchmark for the biggest surfable day in New Jersey.

A two story fall

One of those videos features a taking a spill from a 22-foot wave off Bay Head, according to a report by News 12 New Jersey.

“The wave stood up, I opened my eyes, and it had gotten too vertical to put my board down to face the wave so I had no choice but to leap,” surfer Brendan Tighe told News 12.

Despite being injured by the fall, Tighe wrote on his Facebook page that he is fine.

"Thanks to all who reached out with kind words, concerns and expressions. I am ok," Tighe wrote.

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