Every month technology brings us a new toy, gadget, or engagement that we need to have, something that will keep us involved in technology and not necessarily enjoying the life that surrounds us.

The great news is that there is a new study that shows that here in New Jersey technology is taking a break, a big break.

According to a new survey from Secure Data Recovery, New Jersey now ranks ninth in the country in states that are taking a break from technology. The survey showed that overall, as a country, 69% of us feel that they are overexposed to technology.

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Sixty-four percent of all of us use technology for entertainment purposes. The statistic I found amazing is that within five minutes of waking up, 61% of us turn on our technology device. Five minutes!

As a result, we in New Jersey are smartening up. The survey asked respondents here in New Jersey what their level of use will be in 2024 and Secure Data Recovery assigned more points to those respondents who claimed they will be using less technology in 2024.

With a total score of one hundred, New Jersey ranked an impressive 88.17 which placed our state as ninth in the country for giving technology a rest.

Overall, nationally, social media, gaming, shopping, and streaming and videos ranked 1-5 in what services respondents want to cut back or out of their daily routine.

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I know that taking a survey and cutting the technology out of your routine is a very tough task. People assimilate it to quitting smoking, dieting, or exercising.

The fact remains, when we are bored, we reach for our devices, when we are lonely, we reach for our devices, when we wake up, when we are at work, when we eat, when we get ready for bed, we reach for our devices.

The great fact is that here in New Jersey we are realizing that it is a problem. I know I sound like a counselor, but it is true. I spend way too much time on my phone and computer and streaming and it has become too much of a routine with which I am not happy.

Photo via Rainer Puster
Photo via Rainer Puster

People who took the survey acknowledged that it is time to stop the technology and smell the roses. Spend more time engaging with the family, spend more time enjoying the scenery, vacations, and be more productive at the workplace.

It is a tough task, but I know we can all do it. I hope this information inspires you as it has me.

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