Specialty retailer Party City must like what it's seeing in a test run of a new store format.

The New Jersey-based party goods company, making a rebound from bankruptcy, has announced that it is accelerating its plans for a new store design and it should be introduced in several locations across the U.S. in the first half of 2024.

The latest design moves away from the traditional aisle experience. Instead, customers are greeted by "two birthday worlds" within each store, according to Dion Miliaresis, vice president of merchandising.

"One (world) is dedicated to kids birthdays, and one for general birthday celebrations," Miliarseis said.

"These are complete mini-shops, with everything brought together in one place — this makes it easy for the customer to find everything they need and to hopefully discover a few surprises and fun ideas to add to their celebration along the way."

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Party City
Party City

The company says the updated layout will also give them a chance to test new product assortments and continually adjust what is featured.

And don't worry — balloons aren't going away. In fact, the party supplier says the store overhauls include a reinvented balloon shopping experience.

Party City
Party City

First NJ stores to change

One of Party City's latest store makeovers in Georgia had a grand re-opening celebration on March 1.

According to a spokesperson, the East Hanover location will be completely changed over to the new format by April 1. Store locations in Princeton and Paramus will follow by summer.

The location in Wayne is already running an updated format, but it's not as drastic of a change as what's been underway with this recent pilot project.

The chain has 24 locations in New Jersey, according to the Party City website.

Party City, headquartered in Woodcliff Lake, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January 2023. In September, it received the green light from a bankruptcy court to move ahead with its reorganization plan.

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