So often you hear about legendary department stores closing for good nowadays, but this time it's really nice to say that a brand I never thought I'd see again is making a comeback.

And it's been a tough time for department stores.

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Sears has closed its very last location in the Garden State, rumor has it it's going to get turned into a Dave and Buster, more on that here.

Kmart is another legendary brand that's disappeared from Jersey, closing its very last store last year, all those details are here.

What Popular Department Store Is Making A Comeback After 20 Years?

Growing up, it was one of my favorite places to go, we had one right down the street from our house and I always loved it when my mom would take us here.

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They had everything, clothes, toys, bikes, and outdoor stuff, what I remember most was the huge rack of bicycles they had hanging in the outdoor section for whatever reason.

According to 'X' formerly known as Twitter, it looks like Ames will be making a comeback soon.

I always thought their logo was red with white lettering, but hey, maybe 2024 is bringing a fresh new look to Ames.

Ames closed its last stores in 2002 and between you and I, I never thought we hear from them again.

When Will Ames Reopen Stores Across America?

Ames says 2026 is when we'll start to see brick-and-mortar stores open up.

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By 2027 they plan to have 37 stores up and operating across the country, with more stores coming in 2028.

7 Distribution centers are planned to open, and 35 Ames Cafes will open as well.

Outside of Ames, here are some other classic stores we'd love to see make a comeback in New Jersey.

These are the long-gone NJ mall stores we miss the most

With so many trends of the 1990's back in style, it's a great time to look back at a strong foundation of 80's and 90's culture — New Jersey mall shopping. Some stores were a highlight, every trip.

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