Malls used to be such a huge way of life, do you remember being a teenager and spending Friday night just wandering around the mall with your friends?

I was a mall rat as a teenager, no doubt about it, but nowadays malls are looking more and more different every day.

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For example, a lot of malls are more focused on becoming more of a destination than just a mall.

American Dream is a prime example of this. Sure, you can go and do some shopping but between the indoor water park and indoor skiing resort, there's a lot more than just a mall.

The Freehold Raceway Mall is another prime example.

They've spent a lot of effort to make sure their mall stays top of mind by doing cool events like concerts in the summer, and in the Fall trunk or treat events leading up to Halloween.

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They also put a lot of focus on bringing in fun and exciting places to eat.

A while back, I told you that the Freehold Raceway Mall is looking to bring in Bonesaw Brewing to their lineup of great restaurants.

More on that here. 

Now it looks like the Freehold Raceway Mall is getting ready to finally replace Sears with something really cool.

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A New Fitness Club May Be Bringing PickleBall Courts To The Freehold Raceway Mall

Imagine you're kids need to grab something from the mall, and rather than just dropping them off at the entrance and then waiting in the car, you could go ahead and play a game of pickleball.

That just may become reality when the Freehold Atheltic Club opens in the Freehold Raceway Mall.

According to APP, the new club will also feature weights, cardio equipment, cryotherapy, massage therapy, physical therapy, personal training and so much more!

sears freehold raceway mall, freehold athletic club freehold nj
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Freehold Athletic Club is aiming to open by December 2024, and you can join the waitlist to get in right here.

Malls aren't the only place in Jersey that has been struggling though, here are the great restaurants we lost in Jersey last year.

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