If you're anything like me, you love being able to call the Garden State your home.

My wife and I love living in a state that's as diverse as Jersey, from the food to the activities, the communities, and of course easy access to all the beaches.

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That being said, New Jersey is an expensive place to live and it looks like this year it's going to get just a little more expensive.

Fees Are Set To Start Again At Island Beach State Park

For the past four years or so, access to Island Beach State Park has been free.

island beach state park nj, fees return to island beach state park
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In fact, access to most New Jersey State Parks has been free thanks to a fee holiday that was put in place during COVID.

However, Patch reports that on July 1st of this year, the fees will return and you'll once again have to cough up some cash in order to enjoy Island Beach State Park.

How Much Will It Cost To Get Into Island Beach State Park?

I'll be honest with this, the cost to get into Island Beach versus the cost of getting your family day passes to the Seaside Heights beach is incredibly cheap.

Day passes in Seaside Heights in 2024 for a family of four will cost you $52.

Seaside Heights is actually increasing all beach badge prices in 2024.

Photo by Jason Krieger on Unsplash
Photo by Jason Krieger on Unsplash

You can read more on that here. 

But if you take your family and load up the car, you can access Island Beach State Park for just $6 during the week and $10 during weekends and holidays.

Granted $10 isn't free, but it's much more affordable than buying day passes for your entire family.

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Patch reports that last year, Jersey lost just shy of 3 Million Dollars in revenue due to the fee holiday.

By the way, if you're looking for some more summer fun there's nothing better than catching a show at the PNC Bank Arts Center!

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