The only constant in life is change, and change is exactly what you'll see this summer if you visit Seaside Heights.

My wife and I have lived in Seaside for the past 2 years and absolutely love it, however, the boardwalk is always changing one way or another.

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This year especially, you'll see some seriously big changes while you stroll down the boards.

What's Changed On The Seaside Heights Boardwalk For 2024?

We'll start on the North end of the boardwalk, and work our way South towards Seaside Park.

The first big change you'll see is going to be near Kearney Avenue; The Rock Shop and Polish Water Ice have both been removed and instead have been replaced with the expansion of Temptations.

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The Polish Water Ice isn't gone though, we'll get to that in a second. The Rock Shop however may be gone, still no word on if they can open up elsewhere on the boards.

As we work our way toward Casino Pier, you'll notice that Dentato's has a new home on the boardwalk, more on that right here. 

Speaking of Casino Pier, where Dentato's used to be is now a new Surf Grill where you can grab a beer and a burger while you're enjoying a day on the rides.

If you were a fan of Blue Cup Coffee, you're down to just one boardwalk location now, the one near Sawmill, because the Blue Cup near Lucky Leo's is now the new home of a Polish Water Ice.

polish water ice seaside heights nj
Photo Credit: Buehler

Continuing towards Seaside Park, the next big change you'll see is that Monte's Cafe has expanded into the former location of the Polish Water Ice near Lincoln Avenue.

Monte's was once explained to me like it was Chiptole, but a lot better.

This summer should be a busy one for the crew at Monte's because the expansion really makes them a lot more noticeable

Monte's Cafe Seaside Heights nj
Photo Credit: Buehler

And the last big change you'll see is as you make your way past the Ocean View Restaurant.

In front of the Ocean View, there are a lot of smaller shops set up on the boardwalk.

An empanada stand, a house of fries, a coffee shop, and now something new for 2024.

It looks like a THC / Hemp / CBD shop has opened up on the boards called Goodies.

Goodies CBD Shop seaside heights nj, CBD shop seaside heights nj
Photo Credit: Buehler

What do you think of all these changes? It's of course sad to see some of our favorite little boardwalk shops close but it's also exciting to see all of the new and exciting little shops open up.

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