Remember last year when all of a sudden, out of seemingly nowhere the Houlihan's in Cherry Hill closed?

It seemed to have come out of left field, you can read more on that right here. 

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I'll be honest, it's been years since I went to a Houlihan's but I have some fond enough memories as a kid and teenager going there for my Grandmother's birthday.

She liked Houlihan's a lot.

It left the question open though, what's going to replace the Cherry Hill Houlihan's now that it's closed and gone?

Looks like we finally have an answer, and it's a pretty cool-sounding place that's opening up.

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Tommy's Tavern And Tap Set To Open 9th NJ Location In Cherry Hill

This place seems like a nice addition to Cherry Hill, it almost reminds me of like a BJ's Brewhouse off Hooper.

Tommy's Tavern and Tap is a small chain that's big in New Jersey and also has a location in Deleware as well as New York, according to

Like the name implies this place has a lot of beer for your enjoyment, 24 Taps and according to their website they have specials like half off wine on Tuesdays and two dollars off beers on Thursdays.

Thirsty Thursday anyone?

The new Cherry Hill location set a grand opening date of March 27th and will be a nice addition to the area.

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