There were 5 winning tickets last week that had some nice payouts including one in Monmouth County, in Hazlet, that paid out $100,000. Not a bad week for New Jersey Lottery players.


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According to, Here's a look at where these tickets were sold from May 27 to June 2:

$100,000, Powerball, June 1: sold at ShopRite on Route 35 in Hazlet (Monmouth County)
$10,000, Mega Million, May 28: sold at Speedway on Hurffville Road in Deptford (Gloucester County)
$10,000, Mega Million, May 31: sold via third-party app Jackpocket
$10,000, Mega Million, May 31: sold at ShopRite on Marketplace Boulevard in Hamilton (Mercer County)
$10,000, Mega Million, May 31: sold at The Butcher Block on Centennial Avenue in Cranford (Union County)



Coming up in New Jersey Lottery action here in the Garden State.

Tonight, Wednesday, June 5th: Powerball is worth an estimated 185 million dollars.

Tonight, Wednesday, June 5th: Jersey CASH 5 is estimated to be $125,000

Thursday, June 6th: Pick 6 is valued at 2.6 million dollars

Friday, June 7th: Mega Millions is valued at 20 million dollars


So check those tickets if you purchased your lottery tickets in any of the towns mentioned above. Hazlet, Deptford, Hamilton, and Cranford all had big winning tickets drawn, so don't miss out check your tickets today.

What would you do if you won thousands in the NJ Lottery? Vacation? furniture? appliances? bbq grill? pay off some bills? what would you do? post your comments below and let's dream together a little today. I would put it into our house in some kind of way if I won the lottery :)




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