I love going to Aldi because they have certain items you just won't find anywhere else not to mention some pretty good prices on produce as well. Aldi always is smaller than a normal "supermarket" so it's much quicker to get in and out if you are short on time. I personally love getting my avocados at Aldi. What is Aldi known for? According to Kiplinger, "The no-frills German supermarket chain has more than 2,000 stores in 36 states offering super-low prices on brand-name knockoffs, European foods and one-off deals. Indeed, 90% of Aldi's products are exclusive store brands, and many mimic the packaging and product of national brands."


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Here in the Garden State, there are plans for two new Aldi supermarkets. One will be built in Passaic County and the other will be in Monmouth County. According to a recent NJ.com article, "Aldi, which currently operates 61 spots in New Jersey and 2,357 spots nationwide, is bolstering its store count with over 20 locations planned to open soon." The two new locations will be in Wayne and Neptune.


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The Monmouth County location in Neptune is a "move" of sorts because there is already a location in Neptune. According to NJ.com "Aldi’s Neptune store will move from 15 Route 35, its current location, to a newly constructed building at Marketplace at Neptune (704 Route 35)."  So they are moving within Monmouth County but they will have a new location on Route 35.


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In Wayne, their new Aldi location is coming to the Plaza Square Shopping Center at 625 Hamburg Turnpike. Shoppers will be looking forward to this new location in Passaic County.


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