These reviews are something else.

Ahh,  The website is supposed to be meant for helpful business reviews, but sometimes people get a little creative with the reviews they post on there.  And that creativity provides some entertainment (as long as it doesn't hurt any businesses).

You can find almost any business on Yelp, from restaurants, nail salons, grocery stores, hotels, etc.  But did you know the beaches of the Jersey Shore have their own Yelp pages?  I didn't until recently.  More on this later...

Look, Yelp can definitely be helpful.  I know I've used it for recommendations, and I'm sure you have too.  The problem is, people often use Yelp as their own personal complaint sounding board when they don't get their way at businesses.

Or, if a business owner is involved in a scandal, people often take to Yelp to negatively rate it their store or restaurant.  This happened recently to Tom Sandoval of Vanderpump Rules.  Angry fans flocked to Yelp to take their frustration out on his bar's review page, after learning he was cheating on his girlfriend of 9 years,  Ariana, with another castmate.

That obviously isn't the right thing to do, and thankfully, Yelp has measures in place to stop false reviews like this.

But, harmless reviews about businesses that won't actually be affected are hilarious.  This brings us back to the beaches' Yelp pages.  Obviously, a beach can't go out of business.

Some people were really unhappy after having a bad day at the Shore.  But, instead of getting some Kohr's to cheer them up, they shared their feelings on Yelp.  The results are hysterical and ridiculous.

Take a look for yourself!

The 5 Funniest and Most Ridiculous Yelp Reviews of Jersey Shore Beaches

People will complain about just about anything nowadays, but it's easier to deal with when the complaints are funny. Check out the most funniest and most ridiculous Yelp Reviews of Jersey Shore Beaches.

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