🎵 The biggest rock stars who come from the state of New Jersey

🎵 Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen get the most attention but there's many more from NJ

🎵 Some surprising music artists from New Jersey may surprise you

It's My Life.

Fly Me To The Moon.

Dancing In The Dark.

These are among the song titles from just three of the music artists who went from New Jersey to the big state almost everywhere.

You know who the three song titles above belong to, right?

Okay, I'll tell you in order.

Bon Jovi.

Frank Sinatra.

Bruce Springsteen.

We know how much New Jersey residents love sports and all the professional sports teams that play their home games here in the Garden State.

Now, we take a look at the biggest names from the music world who've come from New Jersey.

The Biggest Music Stars From New Jersey

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