🐶 Galloway woman charged after dozens of animals found in inhumane conditions

🐶 Many of the animals had no access to clean water and food

🐶 Several dead birds were found lying on the floor

A Galloway woman was arrested after a months long investigation by township police and the ACPO that led to law enforcement executing a search warrant on Wednesday and making a shocking discovery.

Dozens of animals found in Galloway Township home

Atlantic County Prosecutors said that inside the East Moss Mill Road home, detectives found and seized 15 dogs, 12 rabbits, 15 birds, 5 guinea pigs, 5 cats, and, 2 ferrets living in "inhumane and unsanitary conditions".

In addition to that discovery, authorities said that these animals were living in the home without access to clean water and food while other animals were put in cages placed in a detached garage.

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Police also discovered several dead birds lying on the floor inside the home.

The animals were taken to a veterinarian to be evaluated, according to the ACPO, and will be held there pending the results of the investigation.

Charges against Galloway Township woman for animal cruelty

Diane Haytas, 56, of Galloway Township, was arrested and charged with 110 counts of Animal Cruelty following a months long probe looking into animal cruelty and neglect.

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