I was a little surprised that MaMa's Pizza - formerly known as Tony's Pizza closed down in Bayville.

MaMa's always supported so many great organizations in our community. They were always helping out local schools, sports organizations, etc. MaMa's / Tony's was the home of the $1 slice for years

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There's a new cafe that recently took the place of MaMa's called Bistro Cafe LDM. From the sign outside House of the Skillet. It's open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

baibaz, getty stock, thinkstock
baibaz, getty stock, thinkstock

From what I'm reading and seeing on Facebook, it's not the same owners as MaMa's. It seems like the community is happy about this.

Bayville definitely needs something good, either a nice restaurant or something for families. Whenever I ask what does Bayville need? It's always a restaurant for the family. I know no one likes to hear of a chain but I really think it would do well.

Chain, I mean a chain restaurant like a Texas Roadhouse or a Cracker Barrel. I do believe this little bistro will do well, especially if they have great coffee. And, a skillet place, sounds great. I hope they do really, really well.

That's a tough area of Bayville for getting noticed. It's across from Bayville Commons where the Dollar Tree is and Goodwill. It's a little hidden in that strip mall. I can't wait to try out this bistro.

From the LDM Bistro Cafe Facebook page:

Imagine all the yummy food that can be made in a skillet. It starts with eggs for breakfasts and delicious food the rest of the day. Dare I say, comfort food. Good luck Bistro Cafe. Bistro Cafe LDM is located at 340 Atlantic City Blvd in Bayville.

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