Unexpected E-Mail From Berkeley Township Totally Made My Day
I'm approaching my 1-year anniversary as a resident of Berkeley Township. While there's been a lot to be happy about living here, not everything has thrilled me. Perhaps you can relate? So, this afternoon when I opened my e-mail and read the attachment I couldn't believe my eyes. …
Another Local Business Abandons Storefront On Route 9 in Bayville
As a Bayville resident that works in Toms River, I drive down Route 9 daily. I was surprised to find out that a business I pass by every day - - a local, community-minded business - - was no longer part of the landscape. In what seems like a sad sign of the times, it is no more.
Bayville Welcomes Unique American-Made Furniture Shop
Driving down Atlantic City Boulevard, aka Route 9, in Bayville on Wednesday night I noticed a sign. Big, bright, red, and yellow; it caught my attention. I pulled over and went on in to discover and welcome a new business to town.

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