Popular Easter egg hunt cancelled in Ocean County this weekend

Severe weather this weekend cancelled Easter egg hunt in Bayville, NJ

This Easter egg hunt will not be rescheduled

The rain is really getting in the way of some Easter fun this weekend.

A popular Easter egg hunt has been cancelled for the weekend. There was a rain date, originally set for Saturday, March 23rd with a rain date Sunday, March 24th.

From the Mayor of Berkeley Township and Berkeley Township Facebook page:

"Berkeley Township Easter Egg Hunt Cancelled this Weekend

We must regretfully inform you that due to the impending threat of severe weather, the Berkeley Township Easter Egg Hunt is cancelled.

The goodies for the egg hunt will be used as part of a special addition to the National Night Out Against Crime event on August 7th. We will provide updates as we get closer to the event.

We apologize for any convenience and look forward to seeing you and your families soon!

Thank you."

Because of rain and wind this weekend and the fields being wet, all good reasons for it to be cancelled. Easter is so quick this year with it being on March 31st, 2024. If there was a couple more weeks, there would be time for this fabulous Easter egg hunt.

Dewitt, Getty Stock, ThinkStock Canva
Dewitt, Getty Stock, ThinkStock Canva

I remember taking my daughter, Abby to this Easter egg hunt every year. It was always so fun, at Veteran's Park in Bayville. They have so many different age groups, great prizes, and so many eggs to find.

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Easter egg hunts are a great way for the community to come together, especially because of spring. We are all couped up all winter long, this is one fun event to finally get out and see our neighbors and friends. There were some cold Easter egg hunts I remember, but always fun.

Like the mayor said in his press release, the goodies that were going to be a part of the Easter egg hunt will be given out at a Concert in the Park this summer. I'm excited for another fun season at Concert in the Park in Berkeley.

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