There's a new spot to grab your groceries in Monmouth County.

It's always exciting when a new store opens up in New Jersey, especially when it's not too far from home.  It's even better when it's a store we don't have many of in The Garden State.

What do you look for in a grocery store?  Is variety important?  Do you value convenience overall?  How about friendly staff?  Or, are you always searching for the best deal?

Grocery Outlet hopes to provide all of the above.  According to the store's website, their buyers travel all over to find the best deals on products to carry, allowing them to sell them at lower prices than competitors.

The chain originated in California but is slowly spreading across the country.  They encourage local families to own and operate their stores, which adds to the experience.  In fact, there's information on how you can own a Grocery Outlet on their website.  That's one way we can open up more NJ locations.

I've shopped at Grocery Outlet before and had a great experience.  I found some good deals on products and found the staff to be incredibly friendly.

The newest NJ store is the third Grocery Outlet in the state.  It's located in Hazlet, at 3057 NJ-35Per Winsight Grocery Business, the store has some exciting promotions for its grand opening, like giveaways, and the chance to win $1000 in groceries through March 2nd.  That's something we could all use in this economy.

Are you excited to shop at Grocery Outlet?

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