Needless to say, my favorite beverage is coffee. I take pride in being the "coffee guru" at Townsquare Jersey Shore and when I say coffee I am not counting those sweet milkshake-like drinks that masquerade as coffee I'm talking real coffee lol


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Now for me, I prefer a simple cup of coffee or as we call it "Jersey Java". Give me a cup of good old black coffee, no sugar! How about an "Americano" with "no room"? that will do too. As you can see I don't add a lot to a cup of coffee, but everyone has their own favorite way to make their "Jersey Java".


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There is a new survey out that takes a look at how folks like their coffee, including what New Jersey's favorite coffee drink is. According to new data from Coffeeness, they take a look at coffee drinkers' preferences and dove deep into how we like our coffee.

  • Cappuccino is the most popular coffee drink in the world, topping lists in 24 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.
  • Espresso is the second most popular coffee drink worldwide and is number one in 14 countries.
  • 42 of the largest cities in the US claim espresso as their preferred coffee variation.
  • 12 countries love black coffee the best for its rich, unadulterated coffee flavor.
  • Turkish coffee is the least preferred coffee drink in our analysis, being that it’s mainly popular in Turkey alone.


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What is the Favorite Coffee Drink in New Jersey?

According to the Coffeeness article, the most popular coffee drink here in the Garden State is the cappuccino! New Jersey loves a good cappuccino. By the way our neighbors in Pennsylvania love cappuccino too and folks in New York prefer espresso. What's your favorite way to drink your "Jersey Java"? Post your comments below, now go get a cup of coffee :)


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