Wawa hinted at something major over the weekend.

One of the best things about the seasons changing here in New Jersey is the seasonal menu updates.  We're already enjoying our pumpkin coffees, donuts, and apple ciders.  And now we'll be able to enjoy another seasonal favorite at Wawa stores.

Every year, Wawa enthusiasts go nuts over the Hot Turkey Gobbler and Gobbler Bowl.  It makes sense since it's literally an entire Thanksgiving meal in a sandwich: turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, and stuffing.

Yesterday, Wawa shared a post on Facebook that gave us a glimmer of hope that our Thanksgiving favorites are not too far away.  And this morning, they delivered the news we've been hoping for.

When is the Hot Turkey Gobbler coming back to Wawa for 2022?

Originally, I was going to share that there was no exact date for the Hot Turkey Gobbler's return.  However, Wawa surprised us!

Here's the original post the convenience store shared yesterday:

Tons of commenters rejoiced at the news.  One even said she'd drive 120 miles to her closest Wawa for one!  Now that's commitment.

And this morning, Wawa surprised us again (including me, who was in the middle of writing this post) with the news that THE GOBBLERS ARE BACK!

How can I check to see if the Hot Turkey Gobbler is at my Wawa?

You can check the Wawa app to see if your store has any of the Gobbler menu items.  Sign up for an account, and start a mobile order at your store.  You'll know if the Gobblers are back if you see them as menu options.

I checked a few stores in Toms River, and sadly, I don't see them just yet, however, that could change soon.  One commenter noted that this could be due to stores not having all the ingredients just yet.

Don't be afraid to call or stop by your local store to ask them. And always remember to be kind to the employees, since they don't determine when these items come out!

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