I was recently looking at a photo gallery from The FW, and it had an article "Ding Dong: The Definitive List of The Oddest, Strangest and Downright Filthy Town Names In Every State" and it listed some of the worst names for towns around America.

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So let's examine The FW and their choice for New Jersey. They selected the town of Buttsville, New Jersey as the town with the worst name in the Garden State. "One of the smallest towns on this list when considering population size, Buttzville was listed as having only 146 residents as of the most recent census data."

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The question I have is Buttzville the worst/oddest town name in Jersey? Some others that immediately come to mind? Ho-Ho-Kus, Colts Neck, or Beaverville? What about Loveladies, Wall, or Middlesex? All these names have made lists of strange, odd, or bad town names.


Winslow Township
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After reviewing some of the oddest names, I think I give the "worst" name to a town in Winslow Township, Camden County. There is a section of Winslow Township called "Dicktown" This has to be the worst name for a town in New Jersey. I asked several people to choose and "Dicktown" was the winner. What do you think? It definitely comes down to either Buttzville or Dicktown and I think Dicktown is the winner.

What town do you pick for the worst town name?

  • Dicktown
  • Buttzvile
  • Ho-Ho-Kus
  • Colts Neck
  • Wall
  • Brick
  • Middlesex
  • Loveladies
  • Beaverville
  • Pittsgrove
  • Weehawken


The Definitive List of The Oddest, Strangest and Downright Filthy Town Names In Every State

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