First, let me say I do love Cape May and have spent many day trips heading to Exit 0 on the Garden State Parkway. However, we always hear about how Cape May is the "Best Smalltown in New Jersey", but what about some other options for "Small & Underrated Towns In New Jersey That Are Great Alternatives To Cape May."


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According to an article from TheTravel, "Let's face it – the hustle and bustle of city life can sometimes be overwhelming, prompting one to go for an adventure in a less stressful town. Luckily, for those who love to rejuvenate their spirits in a calmer and quieter city, there are great options available in New Jersey." So lets look at the "8" towns they have selected as "Small & Underrated Towns In New Jersey That Are Great Alternatives To Cape May."


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Caldwell: (Essex County) "A small, walkable town where history meets community warmth"


Ridgewood: (Bergen County) "Charming village that is a quaint retreat for laid-back travelers"


Millburn: (Essex County) "A quaint heaven with cultural charisma"


Tenafly: (Bergen County) "A Suburban serenity in nature's embrace"


Westfield: (Union County) "Authentic small-town allure with a remarkable suburban community"


Red Bank: (Monmouth County) "A beautiful retreat town that is a hidden culinary haven with arts"


Newton: (Sussex County) "A charming, underrated escape in Sussex County"


Hopewell: (Mercer County) "A tranquil, charming town in Mercer County"



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Which one of the eight in this article would you recommend for a day trip? They are all good choices if you are looking for an alternative to Cape May for your next outing. Post your thoughts below and let us know your picks.


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