I have to be honest I think one of the best lunch spots is Costco. Yes, it's a great place to go have lunch and then shop. I am not talking about walking around and getting samples, although those can be tempting too. I am talking about the food court at Costco. If you have visited the foodcourt you know, but if you haven't you may be missing out on a great lunch deal! A large hotdog and a drink for $1.50. Can you beat that deal? The hot dogs are big and the buns are thick and you get a nice-sized drink, which is a Pepsi product. Condiments too like mustard, ketchup, and relish make it a nice budget-friendly meal. They have other items like pizza and dessert too. The hot dog combo ($1.50) is a "deal".


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In addition to their current menu, Costco added a chocolate chip cookie that is a BIG chocolate chip cookie. They swapped out the churro that was on the menu for the new chocolate chip cookie. They have soft-serve ice cream too which is very tasty.


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Now it appears Costco is adding a new sandwich to their food court menu, a turkey sandwich. According to Delish, "In a Reddit thread shared earlier this week, an image of an alleged new Costco food court sandwich menu was uploaded. The post includes the image of a sandwich and the words "New Item: Turkey & Swiss Sandwich." There's also a description that says that the sandwich will feature brown turkey, Swiss cheese, and sun dried tomato spread on a roll."


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So what do you think of this new menu item? Give us your thoughts, post your comments below. By the way, do you like the "hot dog combo" too?


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