It's football season! The NFL hosts its first full day of football today and for fans, it's like a holiday as football returns, and for our local teams, it's a start to another season with another quest for a ring on everyone's mind. Just a little history when it comes to rings.

  • New York Giants 4 Rings
  • New York Jets 1 Ring
  • Philadelphia Eagles 1 Ring



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So this season there's a lot of things going on. The Eagles are returning as NFC champs, the Giants are coming off a playoff year, and the Jets brought in hired gun Aaron Rodgers as quarterback. So going into this season it could be a very good season for the locals.

The Schedule for week 1 is intriguing:

  • Giants take on Dallas
  • Eagles take on the Patriots
  • Jets take on Buffalo (Monday Night)

What are your thoughts? Who will rise to be the best "local" team? Will the Eagles repeat as a dominant team? Have the Giants made it to the next level, and will Aaron Rodgers bring the Jets some credibility?



It will be an exciting season in the NFL. Be sure to vote in our poll (ABOVE)

It will be a fun year and let's hope all three local NFL teams will have a fantastic year I guess in a perfect world it would be the Giants or Eagles taking on the Jest in the big game, but I know that's probably a bit pf a stretch. Enjoy your season :)




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