I think everyone knows a few areas where we have a pothole that we avoid so we don't smash our cars. I also hate man-hole covers, they usually act like a pothole and smash your car as well if you go over them, but that's a conversation for another article.


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I feel like the local roads in our towns are usually where you find the most potholes. The local side roads can sometimes feel like you are driving "offroad". It's a hard task filling these bumps, but a needed service from our towns and the state. Like you probably do, I have a few areas in our town that have some of the worst potholes and in these areas I almost know by heart the proper way to navigate to avoid the smash, kinda like playing Frogger lol


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How Does New Jersey Rank In The Nation When It Comes To Potholes?

In a recent Patch article, according to Google searches for pothole-related terms from USA Today, New Jersey lands in the TOP 10 worst states for potholes in America. In the article, New Jersey actually ranks #8 in the nation, ouch! The worst state was Washington, while the best state was Nevada. New York came in #7 and Pennsylvania came in #11.



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Do You Know A Road That Has The Worst Potholes?

So now we look at our own commute. What road here in Jersey do you think has the worst potholes? Is it a local road in your community? Is it maybe a county or state road? Let us know where you have the bumps, we can help each other


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