In case you didn't know, New Jersey has 44 beaches.

Okay, in reality, we have only a handful of long beaches divided up into 44 parts.

As a self-proclaimed beach bum, I can't get enough beach days in during each passing summer. Adulthood gets in the way sometimes...

Well, believe it or not, people do rank our beautiful beaches.

This feels pretty impossible and is akin to parents ranking their kids.

Each year, comes out with its list for the ranking of each of New Jersey's beaches.

Let's see if we agree...

New Jersey Beaches Ranked

Last year, Monmouth Beach came in dead last.

Pretty much their biggest complaint was the size and lack of parking.

However, if you want a quiet, less crowded beach, Monmouth Beach is going to be perfect for you.

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Wildwood came in at 43.

Wildwood Sign

When I was in Girl Scouts I camped on the beach in Wildwood. The sheer size of the beach lends itself to be a great spot for beach camping.

Sure, the walk from the boardwalk to the beach is long. The plus is, with the number of tourists that New Jersey sees each summer, the size of the beach allows Wildwood to accommodate them all without sitting on top of each other.

New Jersey Free Beach

The 3rd worst beach, according to, is a free one...

Atlantic City ended up at #42 on the list.

For how much we love to complain about how expensive New Jersey is, you would think we would appreciate a free beach.

Let's move up the list a bit because #37 shocked me.

How did Point Pleasant Beach end up so low on their list???

The site does admit Point has a lot to do, but the beach itself isn't that great.

Point Pleasant Beach

I've only been to the beach in Point a handful of times, but I remember it being quite nice.

New Jersey's Best Beaches

So if those are some of the "worst" beaches in New Jersey, what are the best?

#3: Island Beach State Park (my personal favorite)

#2: Beach Haven (Mmmmm CHEGG)

#1: Cape May (Cape May being #1 on a list, what a shock)

No matter which beach you go to in New Jersey, they're all great.

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