Will we have lots of snow this winter in New Jersey? That's the big question.

For snow lovers, this winter has been a rather warm one, so far with more rain than snow. Some parts of New Jersey see snow more than they see rain.

This state is so strange because even in Ocean County, it could be snowing in Toms River, and in Bayville, it's not. It's just crazy.

Exclusive Visual, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
Exclusive Visual, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

But, if you want a snowy little getaway in New Jersey, this might be the perfect town for you to visit within the next couple of months. This one town in New Jersey has the most snow than any other town in New Jersey.

HopfPhotography, Getty Images
HopfPhotography, Getty Images

What town in New Jersey gets the most snow?

Newton, NJ is New Jersey's snowiest town. Newton is in north Jersey, in Sussex County. This town of Newton gets on average 37" of snow a season, according to onlyinyourstate.com. That's just crazy being a Jersey Girl. I can't even imagine.

Here at the Jersey Shore, we usually have one rather "big" snowstorm, but can you imagine 37", no way.

If you want a snowy getaway, Newton could be your "cool" spot in New Jersey. I think I'll stay south.

Residents of Newton love the cold and snow and even have stores in downtown all ready for their customers with blankets and other "warm" things, just in case they're visiting the town and not ready for the cold and snow.

Will Newton get a lot of snow this year. We could see more snow than usual the experts say, so we'll have to see what this snowy town in New Jersey gets.

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