Two men are accused of breaking in to a pair of pharmacies in Lakewood Township in the middle of the night and then taking off with thousands of dollars worth of prescription medication.

Lakewood Police said that in the first incident on Thursday morning around 1:20 am the two men shattered the front glass door of Emes Pharmacy on Cedarbridge Avenue dressed in dark clothing, looted the pharmacy of $10,000 worth of prescription drugs and then fled.

Dozens of Prescription Pill Bottles
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In the second incident about twenty minutes later, around 1:40 am, they barreled through the glass of a rear door into another pharmacy over on East Countyline Road, took about $700.00 worth of prescription drugs and then fled.

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The investigation into both pharmacy burglaries and thefts is ongoing and anyone with information on either or both is asked to call Lakewood Police Detective Michael Dennis Jr. at 732-363-0200 extension 5348.

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"At this time we are working with all of our pharmacists to ensure the safeguarding of medication as well as increasing both our marked and unmarked patrol units."

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