It wasn't a blizzard, but New Jersey finally saw light snow throughout the state. This was our first widespread snow of the winter of 2024. Depending on where you lived, you saw anywhere from an inch to several inches of snow.


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Shawn Michaels



We want to thank residents from around New Jersey for sending their "snow" photos so we can share them with you. We like to call it "Show Us Your Snow". We have a photo gallery to share with you below and you can browse through these "snow" pics and see how it looks around the state.


Show Us Your Snow

Residents from around New Jersey sent us their photos following our first snow of the winter of 2024

Gallery Credit: Shawn Michaels


The forecast for the Jersey Shore calls for a chance of additional snow possible this Friday. Whether or not that will happen it looks like cold weather is headed our way. Luckily nothing like the cold the midwest has been seeing the last week or two. Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow will have your forecast.


To get the latest list of closings, cancellations, and delays, CLICK HERE to check out STORMWATCH and see the latest updates to our list throughout the state that are broken down by county.


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