When it came to trashing the problematic NJ road, you did not hold back.

Ah, Route 9.  Even though it makes you want to rip your hair out, it's pretty much unavoidable.  The potholes. The stoplights.  The TRAFFIC! There have been days where I've been on 9 and thought "why did I do this to myself!"

It almost feels like traveling down this hated road is a New Jersey rite of passage.  Everyone does it at some point.

Here are some fun facts about the New Jersey highway that shall not be named (thanks, Wikipedia):

  • The entire road is 522.7 miles long
  • It runs through Delaware, New Jersey, and New York
  • Route 9 runs for 166.8 miles in New Jersey
  • It's the longest highway in the state
  • It was built in 1926 (wow, almost 100 years ago!)

Given Route 9's long history and its necessity for travel in New Jersey, it makes sense that people feel so strongly about it.

Misery loves company, right? I asked you what some of the worst things you've uttered about this controversial road and boy, you did not hold back.

You had something to say about everything: potholes, stop lights, and bad drivers - NOTHING was off limits!

Take a look at the passionate and downright hilarious things you've said about driving on Route 9.  Hopefully, remembering these the next time you find yourself angry about the road conditions will make you smile.  Just remember to read them while you're not driving.  You don't want to contribute to the problems that road already has!

The Worst Things You've Said About Route 9

When it came to trashing the problematic NJ road, you did not hold back.

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