This past week we saw huge snow in North Jersey. Sussex recorded the most snow at just over 15 inches. Cape May on the other hand had no snow at all, so the state saw dramatic differences from North to South Jersey. Now there is snow in the forecast for this weekend here in the Garden State and this time South Jersey may see more from Jack Frost!


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This time around it looks like south of I-195 you could see several inches of snow this weekend. The snow is expected between 2 am to 11 am Saturday (2/17/24). It looks like all of New Jersey will see some snow Friday night into early Saturday, but South Jersey may see more of the "white stuff" with several inches possibly.


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How are you feeling about snow? We have not had a lot of snow this winter and spring is around the corner. Do you want to see some now at this point of the season or are you ready for warmer weather and more spring-like conditions as we head into March here in New Jersey? Post your comments and let us know your thoughts.

Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrows' Forecast:

Saturday: Light to Moderate Snow in the Morning...3-5 inches of Accumulation Likely...Mostly Cloudy...Breezy...High 39.


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Stay with us for the latest weather and updates throughout your weekend. If you are heading up to MetLife Stadium Saturday for the "NHL Stadium Series" game between the New Jersey Devils and Philadelphia Flyers it looks like there will be snow on the ground and cold so bundle up.


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