When it comes to the summer at the Jersey Shore, all five senses are in overdrive.

The smell of water coming out of a hose instantly transports me back to filling up a kiddie pool in the backyard and taking a sip from the hose.

I can picture myself running through the sprinkler with the smell of freshly cut grass.

The sound of ocean waves and squawking gulls brings me back to summer days spent at Island Beach State Park.

Sure, those gulls tried to snag a cheese fry from time to time, but their sound makes me happy.

The feeling of sand between my toes reminds me of walking up and down the shoreline looking for shells.

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I would always try to find scallop shells, my mom's favorite.

The sight of the flashing lights of the boardwalk makes me miss summer nights on Jenkinson's Boardwalk riding the Super Himalaya.

I loved when they would speed up the ride and make it go backward...what a rush.

It's amazing how triggering one of your senses can bring you right back to your fondest memories.

There is no better time to be at the Jersey Shore and be from the Jersey Shore, than the summertime. The sights, sounds, smells, and flavors...nothing can beat that.

As a kid of the Jersey Shore, there are certain flavors that instantly take me back to some of my favorite memories.

I apologize in advance if your mouth starts to water as you go through the best flavors of summer at the Jersey Shore.

The Best Flavors of Summer at the Jersey Shore

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