🐷 Who Doesn't Like Bacon? 🐷

Maybe one of the most loved foods in America? Bacon is fantastic and pretty much is a breakfast standard! Eggs and bacon are iconic when it comes to breakfast. I think for me it's a fried egg and bacon with rye toast, my ultimate breakfast. Bacon has grown up and has moved beyond breakfast. Bacon is now well known for lunch and dinner these days.


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🐷 Great Ways To Eat Bacon 🐷

  • The famous "BLT" Bacon, Lettuce, and tomato sandwich. One of my favorite bacon dishes.
  • The "Bacon Burger" Nothing tops off a delicious burger like bacon! Some burgers go crazy with layers of added bacon!
  • The infamous "Bacon Wrapped Scallops" may be the best appetizer, next to the "Swedish Meatball".



Share any of your bacon recipes and post your dishes in the comment section below. Taste of Home put together a recent article that listed the best bacon in America.


Unsplash.com Antonio Barroro
Unsplash.com Antonio Barroro


According to Taste of Home, the best bacon in New Jersey can be found at a place called Haines Pork Shop, Mickleton in Gloucester County.


Haines Pork Shop
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This pork shop, in East Greenwich Township, has been around for 100 years and bacon has always been a big part of their business. Taste of Home says this is the BEST bacon in Jersey and among the very best in the nation. They have all kinds of bacon too. From regular to Canadian to turkey or smoked or peppered bacon, they have it all. So if you are a bacon lover, you need to check out Haines Pork Shop.


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