One thing you definitely want to watch out for is trouble on the highways. Being an alert, sober, law-abiding driver can reduce your likelihood of problems and even accidents while driving. According to NJ.COM "New Jersey extended a safety streak by finishing 2023 with fewer traffic deaths than the previous year, for a second straight year — though one group of road users remains particularly at risk. A total of 614 people were killed in 582 crashes in 2023, State Police reported." Even though this is good news it is still good to be a safe driver.


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According to Patch, "Seeing as it has more people per square mile than any other state in the country and sits in the heart of the Northeast transit corridor, it's not surprising that New Jersey has its share of dangerous roads. But which roads see the most fatal crashes?" Let's break it down to the most dangerous road in Ocean County and Monmouth County and we'll add Burlington County into the mix too, according to New Jersey State Police.



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According to a Patch article, New Jersey State Police report these roads as the most dangerous in New Jersey, by county (2023):


Ocean County:

Deadliest road: Garden State Parkway

Fatal crashes: 6


Monmouth County:

Deadliest road: State Highway 18 and County Road 537

Fatal crashes: 3 each


Burlington County:

Deadliest road: State Highway 17

Fatal crashes: 4



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To see the other counties around New Jersey and the "deadliest roadways" in each county CLICK HERE for more details. Now that we are in 2024 let's remember to drive safely and keep accident fatalities decreasing here in the Garden State.


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