Wow, this is so cool. To my surprise, so many memories were made here with friends of mine. I had no idea how much an impact The Gravelly made on so many.

I had no idea about this - The Departed - Always throw coins out at the cemetery gates as you leave. This will please the gatekeeper spirits and the departed ones and ensure that nothing follows you home.

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media
Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

One of my co-workers, Linda came up to the WOBM studio. She's on the third floor in the building and our studios are on the fourth floor. She was so excited to tell me her story about The Gravelly Graveyard.  She was telling me about this awesome teacher that would take his students in sixth grade to the graveyard to clean in up. Linda was one of his students.

The teacher, Sal Marino, who I hear was just an incredible teacher took his class to Gravelly from 1976 - 1994. He wrote a book about it, too.

"Gravelly Burial Ground, Brick Township, New Jersey" - How cool? I had no idea. In his book he thanked all of his students through the years by saying, "A sincere thanks is extended to those students that have helped with the "Gravelly Restoration Project over the years. I hope that they have learned something from their dedication to this local historical undertaking." My co-worker and friend Linda was one of these students, her name is in the book. She showed me the book, it's so neat.

For information about the book and to buy the book, click here.

Thank you Sal for being an awesome teacher and teaching your students how to appreciate and respect the past. More teachers like you Sal, are needed. "Thank You." 

When I saw this, I had to share. From the sign outside of the graveyard, it's called Gravelly Graveyard, "the oldest burial ground within the present boundaries of Brick Township." Check out these pictures from the cemetery:

Gravelly Graveyard: The Oldest Graveyard in Brick Township

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Gallery Credit: John Robinson

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