Possibly the most important issue you will have in your lifetime is your health. Health is everything and as you get older it becomes an even bigger issue, so when when get some good "health" news it is a very good thing. So when a new survey comes out and several sections of New Jersey are some of the healthiest places in America, that's a great thing.


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The study we are referring to was done by MarketWatch. They surveyed 576 United States counties across multiple health measures including "including data on food insecurity, healthcare access, life expectancy, health insurance coverage, and water and air quality." What they found was that "the healthiest counties are generally richer areas, with lower rates of food insecurity and more people having reliable, affordable access to health insurance coverage."


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In a recent Patch article, out of 576 counties around America, we have 4 from the Garden State in the Top 25, and one of these was in the Top 10 "healthiest" counties in the United States.

  • Bergen County (10)
  • Hunterdon County (13)
  • Morris County (14)
  • Monmouth County (25)

By the way here is how other New Jersey counties ranked nationally.

  • No. 75. Middlesex County
  • No. 90: Warren County
  • No. 110: Hudson County
  • No. 111: Union County
  • No. 127: Mercer County
  • No. 156: Atlantic County
  • No. 169: Passaic County (83.1)
  • No. 188: Camden County (82.4)
  • No. 231: Ocean County (80.9)
  • No. 235: Gloucester County (80.8)
  • No. 434: Cumberland County (74.2)

How did your county rank? Do you agree with where your county ranked? According to MarketWatch, "Based on their analysis, Marin County, California was the healthiest county with a life expectancy of 85, a lower-than-average adult obesity rate, and only 5 percent of people without insurance."


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CLICK HERE for the complete MarketWatch survey and read the data for yourself. Our top-ranked New Jersey county is Bergen County and our lowest-rated is Cumberland County.


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