When you go shopping you don't want to get the "bad" shopping cart. You know the one with the wobbly wheels, it's a real pain in the butt. You have to pull and push just to get around the store. What if you had a shopping cart that is the best you ever used? They call it the "Cadillac of Carts". Sounds like your shopping day just got easier, right? Well the day might be getting closer, especially in Essex County.


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Shopping Cart
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Shop Rite of Brookdale in Bloomfield has introduced a new shopping cart at their location that is the "cart of the future". It's the new "smart cart" from Caper Carts and it has some cool gadgets to make your shopping experience even better. "ShopRite first introduced the smart carts in its Spotswood store back in 2022."



After watching the video (above) what do you think, would a "smart cart" make your shopping easier? According to an article by NJ.com, "The new cart system scans groceries, provides shopping recommendations and allows checkout directly from the cart. Customers can head to the self-checkout area and scan a barcode shown on the cart’s screen to checkout."


Grocery Store
Unsplash.com David Clarke


What do you think? Would this cart make a difference for you or is it too much technology to deal with at your local grocery store? Do you just want good wheels on your cart or do you think this would be cool to shop with? Post your comments below.


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