Guess what? New Jersey beaches are the best! Living here is so much fun, and the sandy shores are a huge reason why! Recently, our digital managing editor, Chelsea, had a great idea to collect Yelp reviews for our state's incredible places. And you know what? I just had to check out the reviews for our amazing beaches and boardwalks. And let me tell you, I found some great ones.

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

As you can imagine, some reviews were incredibly insightful and well put together, offering great thoughts and perspectives. And, of course, there were also those reviews that made me chuckle and laugh out loud! I couldn't resist grabbing a couple of my funny favorites because, well, why not? Having fun is what it's all about! Here are a couple that stood out to me:

Kevin G from New York had a funny way of expressing his swimming predicament. He humorously wondered why he couldn't enjoy the ocean, a wonderful natural resource, simply because he didn't have enough money. He criticized government rules, proclaiming, "We should have the freedom to roam and be naked without paying for beach access."

Seagulls seem to be a big deal for beachgoers because they were mentioned the most in the reviews I saw. Jocelyn from PA pointed out that "seagulls and their poop creations were the dirtiest part of the Jersey Shore beach. At least the sand was pretty clean!"

seagulls flying freely on the sky at sunset, leadership, closeup

Steve from NJ said, "The seagulls at the Jersey Shore beach have some serious confidence issues. They walk around like they own the place."

And Lisa from Philadelphia also observed seagulls, describing their skills as "food thieves." She warned fellow visitors to "watch out for your snacks."

Alright, keeping an eye out for those seagulls is definitely a must! I found a few more funny reviews that had nothing to do with our feathered friends. Check these out:

"Trying to build a sandcastle on the beach was a workout. My sandcastle ended up looking like a lopsided pyramid."

"I decided to be a beach fashionista and rock a stylish floppy hat. Little did I know, it turned into a flying saucer during a gust of wind."

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

"I attempted to gracefully enter the water, but the waves had other plans. They welcomed me with a face full of saltwater and a mouthful of sand."

"Suntan lotion? Check. Beach towel? Check. My dignity after attempting to ride a boogie board like a pro? Not checked."

While Yelp reviews can sometimes take a serious or even mean-spirited tone, there's nothing quite like discovering a few truly fun ones that make you smile. So go ahead and have a fantastic day at the beach, and if you feel like it, share your own review too!

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