Love it or hate it, but New Jersey's nicknamed "The Garden State" for a reason. And no, Miss Congeniality lovers, it wasn't because "'Oil and Petrochemical Refinery State' wouldn't fit on a license plate."


Even though it can be hard to think of New Jersey as "The Garden State" in 2024, there was once a time when the state looked a lot different compared to present day. Even so, New Jersey is one of the top producers of several crops in the USA even still.

Farmers in the Garden State produce more than 100 different kinds of fruits and vegetables for consumers to enjoy either fresh or processed here in New Jersey and elsewhere in the Northeast, in Canada and in many countries around the world. Nationally, New Jersey is one of the top 10 producers of blueberries, cranberries, peaches, tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, apples, spinach, squash, and asparagus.

Did you know, however, that NJ was once so close to never being referred to as "The Garden State" at all? At least, not officially.

New Jersey was almost nicknamed "The Egg State"

There was once a push from people in charge to have New Jersey forever hence be known for something else entirely: the egg.


Multiple sources confirm that back in 1950,Jersey actually had had about 1 million fewer than than 50 years earlier. Contrary to popular belief, less than 20% of New Jersey's entire population lived in what would have been considered the "country" areas of the state. Crops weren't bringing in as much money as you'd think. The product that was actually making NJ major moolah was the egg.

Obviously, the vision of "The Egg State" never came to fruition, THANK GOD! But, it wasn't until 1959 that "The Garden State" slogan started appearing on NJ license plates.

You can read more about it HERE.

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