How about all that boardwalk drama, huh? If you haven't heard, Memorial Day Weekend was full of craziness on multiple boardwalks at various beaches along the Jersey coastline.

There were incidents in Seaside Heights, Ocean City, and Wildwood. Someone in Ocean City even got stabbed! It turns out, most of the drama was started by rowdy teens and super young adults with nothing better to do.

As a result, Seaside Heights has initiated a 10 pm curfew for anyone under the age of 18. The other beaches will soon follow suit, no doubt.

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Even though those incidents did, in fact, happen in New Jersey, it's definitely possible that those involved don't even live here. Don't forget, it's Shoobie and Benny season. All the out-of-towners will flock to our beaches from now through Labor Day to enjoy some fun in the sun.

There's a good chance that the people involved in the boardwalk debauchery don't even live in New Jersey full time.

Still, what is the deal with kids these days? It seems like none of them know how to act nor carry themselves appropriately in social settings. Everybody wants to be big and bad, rough and tough. Well, with an attitude like that, this is what happens.

It ruins everybody's good time.

Where are the worst-behaved kids in the USA?

The good news is, however, New Jersey doesn't have to worry about the "bad kid" stereotype being added to the long list of why everybody hates the Garden State.

The folks from Solitaired actually surveyed Americans about the way the children behave in their respective cities to determine which cities have the best and worst-behaved kids of them all. Unfortunately for New Jersey, the kids voted some of the worst in USA live right across the Ben Franklin and Walt Whitman Bridges.

Philadelphia sits at number 2 on the list of worst-behaved kids in the nation. Last year, Philly's kids took the number one spot, so at least there's been some slight improvement.

Here are some key findings:

  • 49% of residents think Philly's kids are rudest to strangers.
  • 69% of Philly residents have seen 9-12-year-olds being absorbed in their phones.
  • 55% of Philly residents have heard 13-17-year-olds cursing in the street.
  • Worst behaved age demo in Philly? That'd be the 13-17-year-olds.

Does that mean that the kids causing all that drama on the boards were from Philly? Well, there's no way to know for sure since if they were in fact under 18, their identities will be hidden.

Hopefully, that's only drama we see at the beach this summer. Parents need to step in and do something, that's for sure!

The Wildwoods, not your average Jersey Beach town.

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